Four different typefaces based on my experience of how my four elements, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Sanguine influence me. The letterforms are created through a process and methods of playing/designing which I developed as a part of my graduation project from Beckmans College of design. The plexiglas stencils are also a part of the project which consisted of three different experiments connected to typography, ornameticd and grids. Executed with the methods of playing. 

”If Britney could” is a visualization of the balance between human, objects and nature. The project was exhibited and created in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn and based on research from the Beijerinstitute of ecological economics. The work consists of a hanging mobile in lasercut plywood and a poem which explains a chain of event, starting in your morning shower and ends in 2007 when Britney shaved her head.  




”Berör” is a digital guide to some of the artworks in the permanent collection at Moderna museet in Sweden. ”Berör” in Swedish means both ”touch” and ”affect” which suits the project because the guide explains and let you feel the art by a poem and a physical object. The poem is about how the artwork would be experienced without the ability to see it, only feel it. Both emotionally and physically. The object is created to fit the feeling of the poem with different stuffings and cover materials. 

A flag for the forest with matches as a symbol of the human abuse of the forest. Please burn the flag, it is an easier and much more preferable way to burn and pillage our trees. Homage to Carl-Johan De Geers artwork “Skända flaggan”. Meaning violating the flag. (Kuk means dick in Swedish.)



Pillows made out of silk, inspired by logos I remember from my childhood. In this project I experimented with graphic memory, feeling and three-dimensionality. ”Öspab”. Named after the weird flower shop near my house where they had a big parrot and a lot of free apple cider.


13 julmarknad1.jpg

Identity for Beckmans Christmas market inspired by super-market aesthetics. Screen printed by hand on neon paper and with silver color.